An extraordinary trip along the Douro for individualists

One hour away from the city of Porto the charming wine-growing area of the Douro rises. From its source in Spain the river Douro is running through the north of Portugal towards Porto. Leaving hundreds of kilometres behind, passing small villages and sunny wine slopes, the river eventually flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Our Stand Up Paddling (SUP) tours take you through the heart of this lovely region and offers you a closer connection to the river. Enjoy its beauty and fascinating surroundings cruising along with your SUP board under your feet.

DOURO Ilha dos Amores around 5 hours no 60,- EUR
DOURO plus Ilha dos Amores around 8 hours no 95,- EUR



Our SUP tours begin around 9:30am in Porto at the mouth of the river Douro. Our SUP van takes you to a picturesque village where one of the tributary streams merges with the main stream and where beautiful terraced vineyards cover the slopes and reach all the way down to the riverbank.


Our transfer offers you a great opportunity to start taking in the scenic beauty of this part of Portugal – leaving behind Porto's urban area the journey takes us along the Douro and through the charming interior of Porto which is characterised by rolling hills, sleepy villages and Mediterranean gardens.

SUP Tour

After approximately an hour's drive we arrive at our destination. We choose a calm spot to launch our boards, an ideal way to acclimatise you to the board. Your guide has plenty of experience and will help you prepare for the trip by showing you a variety of brief exercises you can do beforehand.


Once everyone feels familiarised with their board and is comfortable with the paddling technique, we paddle down one of the Douro's small, clear tributaries. Upstream, the river will become narrower and tall rocks line the side of the river. 


You will also come across magical, secluded coves as well as small, natural waterfalls. During the tour you have the opportunity to jump off the rocks if you fancy an adrenaline kick, you can navigate the river's rapids or you can simply relax and take in the beauty and tranquility of the landscape.


The tour ends on the Ilha dos Amores, the island of lovers, a secluded stream island in the Douro. On this beautiful rocky little island you have the chance to enjoy the unforgettable views onto the river Douro once more before we go back to Porto.

Lunch and wine tasting (just DOURO plus)

For those who would like to extent their extraordinary trip along the Douro we offer the opportunity to complete their day with another highlight:


Well, what would a day tour through this lovely region be like without visiting one of its famous vineyards? After a relaxing lunch break on the beautiful river island “Ilha dos Amores”, where your SUP Guide will serve you a substantial variety of fresh snacks and drinks, we will join a traditional wine tasting. 


As the Alto Douro is world-famous for its Port Wine, further downstream the Vinho Verde flourish in the rich, fertile soil by the river. During the wine tasting you will get the chance to try this young and slightly sparkling summer wine with traditional tapas and perhaps even fall in love with its unique, aromatic flavor.


After the wine tasting we will return to Porto where you arrive in the early evening.



  • Transfer to SUP location
  • Pick up in Porto
  • Board and paddle
  • Life jacket and lycra
  • Introduction and guided tour
  • Maximum of 8 people per tour
  • Lunch (just DOURO plus)
  • Wine tasting (just DOURO plus)
  • Insurance

Bring with you

  • Swimming things and towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Sun cream
  • Drinks

Tour Infos


DOURO: 60,- EUR p.p.

DOURO plus: 95,- EUR p.p.


DOURO: around 5 hours

DOURO plus: around 8 hours


DOURO: about 9:30am

DOURO plus: about 9am